Professional Life

I have been in the advertising industry for 20 plus years. After watching the 80's movie Nothing in Common,  I knew the career I wanted to be in, and in 1997 I graduated with a BA degree in Advertising. 

During the dot-com boom I landed my first job in Salt Lake City at Citysearch.com, a city guide consisting of  local business reviews as well as a platform for a business to advertise. With ping-pong tables for our conference rooms and an unfinished door as my desk, it was a dream job for someone green like myself.  In 1999 I was recruited by MarchFirst Advertising Agency. I dove deep into the agency world and loved the fast pace race and the creative minds I was surrounded by.  

In 2000 I made the move back to my hometown of Boise and worked on the client side. I was the Northwest Marketing Director for LandAmerica,  a Fortune 500 Company. I emerged myself in the companies messaging, communication and branding and learned how important it was in order for a company to strive. 

I left LandAmerica in January of 2009 and decided to be a marketing consultant, CMD Marketing. This was the beginning of really understanding the importance of networking and joining community business groups. I did a lot of listening and learning and put out great work I remain proud of. It was at this time I picked up some design skills which lead me to work very well with designers as I understand the design language. This is what has made me successful in running projects, from understanding the client's needs and goals to communicating that to my team. 

After missing water cooler talks I decided to go back to work outside the home. I worked as a Senior Account Manager at Balihoo, then jumped back in the agency world at Stoltz Marketing Group. After having my son in 2014, I wanted the best of both worlds so decided to go back out on my own. Since then I have continued working and building relationships with those I have had the pleasure of working with over the past decade as well as creating something that is far and few between... a creative co•op. A business model where I assemble custom creative teams to best suit the client's needs.  

Family and Fun

My husband says I am not true Boise native as I moved here from California when I was three. Although not a true native, Boise is and will forever be my home.  As a 1992 Boise High Graduate, I headed off to college in California. I received my Bachelors Degree in Advertising, with a minor in English, in 1997 at San Diego State University. 

 In January of 1998 I moved to Salt Lake City and started my career. After four fun filled years in Salt Lake City, and after the Olympics, I made my way back home to Boise. To see the changes and to still see the changes makes me realize I'm not in Kansas... or the old Boise anymore.  

In 2012 I meet my husband Dan and we got married in 2013. We forced our guest to ride a chairlift to the top of Brundage Mountain in McCall for our ceremony. 

A year later we welcomed our son Ethan and two years later our daughter Hannah. Our family is complete and my kids keep me busy. In the winter we like to ski and hike the snowy foothills and the summer we take our trailer out often to go camping throughout Idaho and the Oregon coast.